Proof of Commutativity (+) in Haskell
created at 2019-9-26 by AD1024

Using GADTs and dummy dependent-type in Haskell

Theorem Proving
Programs as Proofs II
created at 2019-9-19 by AD1024

Programs as Proofs continued

Programming Languages
Programs as Proofs I
created at 2019-9-10 by AD1024

Notes taken while reading / studying PLFA & PL generally.

Programming Languages
Final Report of Culture III and History I
created at 2019-7-20 by AD1024

My final paper of Culture III and History I took @ Waseda Summer Session 2019. Culture III is Japanese Popular Culture and Globalization and History I is Heisei History (see

Japanese Studies
Music List
created at 2019-4-11 by AD1024

Music pieces I listened to recently...

How to Make SPFA TLE
created at 2019-3-20 by AD1024

SPFA: Using a queue to optimize Bellman-Ford Algorithm. The time complexity is $O(k|E|)$, where k is a small constant related to how many times a node is pushed into the queue more than once.

Chtholly Tree
created at 2019-3-7 by AD1024

Chtholly Tree is an optimized brute force approach to maintain sequence of numbers.

Data Structure
An Interesting Proof
created at 2019-3-5 by AD1024

An Interesting problem given by my Math 125 TA.

Graph Theory
Dynamic Programming - Problem Collection
created at 2019-2-26 by AD1024

DP Problem Collection for RSO Event.

Think in The Future
created at 2019-2-17 by AD1024

Collaborative essay for GWSS 328. Composed with with Mai Nguyen.

Gender Study