Junior @ Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering


AD1024 (real name: Mike He) is a Junior student at Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. His research interests include Program Synthesis, Programming Language Theory (specifically Type Theory related), Formal Verification and Compiler Designs. He is a member of SAMPL and PLSE Research Group. He loves classical music, anime and Japanese popculture.

He is adviced by Zachary Tatlock and co-adviced by Steven Lyubomirsky.

Github/CodeWars: AD1024

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(λx. λy. λz. [email protected]) cs dh63


English: Mike He’s Resume

Chinese: WIP


3LA / Marlowe: A Verified Compilation Flow for Deep Learning Accelerators (Jun. 2020 $\Rightarrow$ Now)

Dynamic Tensor Rematerialization: A Heuristic-based Gradient Checkpointing Algorithm that supports automatic checkpointing on arbitrary Deep Learning Models (Nov. 2019 $\Rightarrow$ Now)

Relay: A High-Level Intermediate Representation for Deep Learning (Oct. 2019 $\Rightarrow$ Now)

UW Solar Data: Data Monitoring Dashboard for Solar Panels (Jan. 2019 $\Rightarrow$ Jun. 2019)


Kirisame, M., Lyubomirsky, S., Haan, A., Brennan, J., He, M., Roesch, J., Chen, T., Tatlock, Z. (2020, June 18). Dynamic Tensor Rematerialization. September 19, 2020.

Selected Coursework

Note: bold names stands for highly recommended courses.

Computer Science (Major)

  • CSE 143X: Computer Programming II (Accelerated)
  • CSE 332: Data Structure and Parallelism
  • CSE 333: System Programming
  • CSE 402: Introduction to Domain-Specific Language
  • CSE 451: Introduction to Operating Systems (IP)
  • CSE 457: Computer Graphics (IP)
  • CSE 490P: Special Topics: Advanced PL (PL + Verification) (by James Wilcox)
  • CSE 505: Principle of Programming Languages
  • CSE 507: Computer-Aided Reasoning for Software


  • MATH 12X: Calculus
  • MATH 307: Differential Equation
  • MATH 308: Linear Algebra


  • PHIL 100: Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 470: Intermediate Logic

VLPA (Visual, Language and Performing Art)

  • MUSIC 390/HONORS 398: Special Topics on Music
  • JAPAN 101: First-Year Japanese (IP)

Took in Waseda Summer Session 2019

  • History I: Japanese Contemporary History
  • Culture III: Japanese Popular Culture and Globalization
  • Talk in Japanese II: Japanese Language Course


  • ANTH/JSIS A/GWSS 328: Gender & Sexuality in China

Fun Fact

I love classical music and enjoy playing the violin. I’ve been playing the violin for 0x11 years.

Some recordings are available here: AD1024 @ Bilibili

I’m volunteering to work as a part-time translator / proofreading editor in 🦈Gawr Gura🦈’s fansub team. Gura is a contract Virtual Youtuber of Hololive EN.