Music List

2019-4-11 created by AD1024

Music List

Music I recently listened to

Tchaikovsky Symphony No.6

The last piece of music composed by Tchaikovsky. It’s complicated by his life experience. He expressed stressfulness, happiness and love, and finally returned to tragic ending. It is a musical autobiography. I love it so much.

Mahler Symphony No.3 & 5

I like No.3 more. I think it has the most beautiful melody among 9 pieces by Mahler (No.10 was actually incomplete). Especially the last movement. It starts with string set quartet and gradually includes other parts in the orchestra. It just like telling people what is love.

Brahms Symphony No.1

I don’t know a lot about it, but though the melody is not that fancy, it complicate the mindset and the reality. Some how mix reality with personal emotion and blurred it.

Paganini Violin Concerto No.1 in D Major

It’s so good. I like it so much! Though it doesn’t represent the hardest piece Paganini ever composed, it combined beauty with technical difficulties and made the performance more “Performance.”

Thaïs: Meditation by Jules Massenet

It is one of the piece that people most familiar with but can’t tell the name. It is a representative piece of the Romantic period.

Má Vlast (My Fatherland) by Smetana

This is a Symphonic poem. Unlike the usual music that compliments the country with nationalism, this poem expresses the composer’s attachment to the state. The second theme (Die Moldau) is the most famous one in this work.

Cantabile Op.17 by Paganini

Recently, I’m practicing this piece. It contains lots of element that can still be found in popular music. I like it.


Radical music, but I still like its melody.

1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky

Interestingly, there is a part of this music that was modified from French Anthem.

Caprice No.24 by Paganini

Hard hard hard hard to practice, but still beautiful.